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It’s ALL in the Ingredients.

All Chorus products contain only 100% natural-source ingredients and are free of petro-chemicals, sulfates, parabens, artificial fragrance or color. All our products carry the CertClean designation, ensuring the highest level of ingredient safety and integrity.

A wide range of unadulterated botanical extracts, pure essential oils, plant-derived cosmeceuticals, and high-grade plant and vegetable oils have been blended with the Chorus Super Four to create a supernatural clean beauty and personal care experience.

Why are we natural?

More research is coming forth every day that proves the potentially negative long-term consequences of using products containing harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients. Chorus is committed to utilizing sustainably sourced natural ingredients to deliver great results, with none of the toxic burden.

The safety and health of you and your family is of the greatest importance to Chorus and maintaining the integrity of nature and the many nourishing ingredients it offers is our template for all our formulations.

100% Natural-Source

There are a lot of products out there that say they are 80% organic or 95% natural, or even 98.5%. To us, since it’s all going to be in the same bottle or tube, every ingredient needs to be naturally derived. That’s why we are 100% natural-source and nothing less.

Product Efficacy

Of course, being natural is important but the products need to perform, and our customers should never feel like choosing a natural product means they have to compromise in any way. Chorus has won numerous Clean Beauty awards which celebrate the best performing natural products across several categories.

The Clean Beauty judges spend a considerable amount of time using a wide variety of natural products over several weeks, so their final decisions and assessments truly speak to the overall product performance and efficacy of Chorus.

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