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Weekend Unwind Duo

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Utilize the amazing properties of one of the Chorus Super Four ingredients all on its own, with the two products that contain nothing but our Chorus Moor. The moor mud is comprised of more than a hundred species of herbs, plants and flowers and has world-renowned therapeutic and detoxifying properties. Take some time for yourself and enjoy a Moor bath and Moor facial mask.

Chorus Recover- Moor therapy mud bath (5 individual sachets): 100% pure and natural bath essence consisting only of the herbs, organic substances, minerals, and other phyto-nutrients, including humic and fulvic acid, present within the moor. Moor baths have been used for centuries at clinics throughout Europe and are now one of the most popular treatments at spas throughout the world. (Sachets come packed in a box of 5)

Chorus Detoxify- Moor facial mask for all skin types: Our famous facial mask is 100% natural and organic, consisting solely of the vital moor peat and water. The moor’s multitude of organic substances and minerals deeply nourish and replenish, making skin look and feel soft, firm and radiant.

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