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Recover - Moor Bath Essence

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Moor Bath Essence

170ml / 5.8floz

100% pure and natural bath essence consisting only of the herbs, organic substances, minerals, and other phyto-nutrients, including humic and fulvic acid, present within the moor. When added to your bath, the moor quickly disperses throughout the water - creating a wonderful soothing experience for the whole body. Moor baths have been used for centuries at clinics throughout Europe and are now one of the most popular treatments at spas throughout the world.


Run a warm bath and stir in 1 sachet of the Bath Essence (carefully cut corner of sachet with scissors to open). Make sure that the bath is not too hot. Very hot water can cause excessive fatigue. Simply relax in the bath for up to 20 minutes. After the bath do not rub down, but wrap the body in a large towel and lie down for one hour in a warm room. A full course consists of 20 baths on alternate evenings. The moor bath essence is dark in colour, but it will only stain if left to dry out.


Heilmoor Clay, Aqua

Customer Reviews

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The new epsom salts!

I am a very active person, and I enjoy winding down in the bath in the evenings. This Moor Bath Essence has changed my life! Yes, I know it sounds dramatic, but after a long 6 hour hike, I have a bath and soak in the Moor. The next morning my body feels 100% with no muscle stiffness! Would definitely try this product if you enjoy bathing!

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