Radiate (Size M) -FIR Contouring Shorts

Radiate (Size M) -FIR Contouring Shorts

Radiate (Size M) -FIR Contouring Shorts

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Far Infra Red Body Contouring System

It's So Simple!

Apply Chorus CONTOUR cream (included), slip on your RADIATE shorts featuring BioCeramic technology, and go about your day. The system works effectively whether you're walking, exercising or simply relaxing. When finished wearing your shorts reapply the CONTOUR cream.

It's the perfect contouring treatment for people on the go!


The BioCeramic material technology incorporated into each pair of Bio-Shorts both radiates and reflects the body's own Far Infra Red (FIR) rays generating significant heat and increased blood circulation. The BioCeramic dots also activate the botanical ingredients in the CONTOUR cream and help to improve their penetration into the skin - increasing its effectiveness.

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